Our Team

Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul is a small company, and we like it that way. Feel free to meet our Computer Therapists & Staff below. We are all very friendly and knowledgeable, so friend them on social media sites, and make sure to check out their other businesses and passions.

We have a very unique "corporate" culture as we treat all of our staff as if they were owners. They are included in business decisions, because honestly, it effects them as well and they have a vested interest in all of us succeeding. One example of how we are different, when Jo comes into the office it is totally expected that she brings her son. Additionally the staff often have meals together (when we worked from the house, these were often from scratch as SchaOn loves to cook), go to social events together, and are truly interested in each others lives. The Techs and Staff also are able to set their own schedule, allowing them to balance between business, family and other passions they have.

André Thomas
Lead Windows PC Therapist
With over 27 years of computer service experience, André brings a wealth of knowledge to the local Twin Cities community…
Cindy Miller
Bookkeeper with Mystic Bookkeeping
Cindy is our bookkeeper with Mystic Bookkeeping. Mystic Bookkeeping is a bookkeeping and small business consulting service operating in the…
General Manager
SchaOn's passion is helping others see, feel and experience their dreams. SchaOn has an extensive background in Computer Network &…